Hair Growth


Hair growth is a big deal for many people and that’s the reason why hair products are in demand to help you achieve that look that you want. Healthy hair is faster growing, this comes in handy when you want to regrow your hair. Hair growth is not just about taking steps to ensure that your hair is growing back as fast as possible it’s about ensuring that you minimize the hair breakage as well. Hairessence Protein treatment is one of the ways to deal with hair breakage.

Apart from the protein treatment you need to make sure that you watch what you eat because the diet has a big part to do with having healthy hair. Realizing the desired hair growth needs you to invest in a balanced diet one with all the three food groups. Junk food has a lot of fats and slats and when it comes to hair growth that works against you. Prolong the hair growth phase of your hair by the use of supplements that do just that .

Fresh fruit and vegetables have a good effect in the hair growth process, they will accelerate the process because they have the needed nutrients for hair growth. Hair growth occurs at about half an inch every thirty days, knowing the factors that affect the process will help you have control over the hair growth process. Age is a factor in hair growth, younger people will have more success with hair growth than people who are aged because with age comes hair loss.

Climate has been linked with hair growth, the people in the hotter weather have been said to experience the more desired hair growth than those living in extremely cold areas. Hot weather is good but make sure that you protect yourself from the harmful UVA and UVB rays that could take a toll on your scalp and your hair. You need to get a lot of rest and sleep if you want to realize the much needed hair growth, the body will undergo growth when you are sleeping including muscle development. Exercising does you some good too in regard to your hair growth, when you are engaged in regular exercise you increase blood flow to the scalp and that means good nutrient distribution and oxygenation the results will be good hair growth. Click here to get more info.

You need to avoid stress if you are always under pressure, it could be the reason why your hair growth is disappointing. Stress puts the hair follicles to rest and that means that you will not be seeing the much needed hair growth. Your genes have something to do with the process as well, depending on your genes you can grow healthy and more fuller hair or not the genes also affect  hair color too. Check out this website at for more info about hair.


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